Monday, May 31, 2010

Personal Cover Page

I am Kway Wei Tong. I used to study in MacPherson Primary School and was appointed as the assistant head prefect. I studied very hard when I was in Primary School and was always in the top few positions every single year. When I was in Primary six, I studied even harder as I wanted to get into Dunman High. I wanted to prove that a student from a neighbourhood school can get into a good secondary school too. I love to listen to music, especially chinese songs, whenever I am free as it relaxes my mind. Other than that, I also love sports. I feel that both listening to music and jogging are good ways to de-stress. Jogging keeps my body fit. This is really killing two birds with one stone.

I was in the school netball team when I was in Primary School. I will describe my life as a game of netball. I will always have to aim before I shoot so that I can score. This applies the same to my life. I will always have a goal in mind so that I can work towards it. Aiming is just like having a goal and putting in effort to do well. And getting the ball into the hoop is just like reaching my target. However, sometimes I will loose my sense of directions just like being stranded at a place. No one is there to lend you a helping hand. I will just have to pick myself up and continue with the journey.

I am also a very serious and responsible person. I will always complete the task I am assigned to. Sometimes, I will go the extra mile so that my work will be better. However, I feel that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. So, to me, there is time to play, there is time to study. I do not like to drag the tasks I am supposed to do. If I am able to complete it on that very day, I will do my very best to complete it to the best of my ability.

I hope to master the playing of guitar when I grow up. I also want to share my love and care to everyone around me so I want to be a volunteer to take care of unfortunate children. And of course, I will bring my family members overseas to have fun after I earn sufficient money.

Dunmanian Qualities Page

I am a person that is trustworthy. People can count on me to do the right things even when no one is around. I am dependable and reliable. Anyone can rely on me to complete any tasks as I will definitely accomplish it properly to the best of my ability. I will also not leak out any secrets to anyone as I feel that I have to respect the person's privacy. "I do what I say and I say what I do". I feel that this is good phrase to describe me.

I want to nurture more courage in myself as I feel that even if I have the knowledge and creativity but not the courage to put plans into actions, it is equivalent to doing nothing. I am a person who wants to make things happen so I feel that courage is very essential to me, I want to speak up for how I think and feel from my point of view. I can nurture more courage in myself by actively participating in school events such as teachers' day concert and Chinese new year.

I am also a person that is able to care, serve and lead. I show care to her by comforting them when they are sad. I can also be a good-listener as I feel that they will feel better after they tell their problems to someone. At least, the person knows that someone is there to care for him. This will allow the person to pick himself/herself up and continue to strive for the best. I will also think before I do as I do not want my actions or words to hurt the other person's feeling.

I am able to serve the school by ushering visitors to the respective venues even if I am not a student counselor. I can also assist new badges of secondary one students who are admitted into my school to get use to the environment quickly as I progress up the academic ladder.

Furthermore, I am able to lead by distributing roles to my group members equally when we do a project. Fixing a date for everyone to come together to discuss about the project is also part of my job. As a leader, I will also take the initiative to read up more about the topic that we are doing on for the project. In addition, I am able to negotiate, communicate, influence and persuade my group members to do things. I am an all-rounded student. However, I still want to work on my weak areas to become an even better student.

Self-Evaluation Page

I am a fast runner. In my primary school, among all the girls my age, I am always the fastest. I am always the top few to complete the run during sports' day. And there was once, the teacher-in-charge even offered me to compete with the primary six pupils when I was only primary five! Upon hearing this, I was on cloud nine as that confirmed that I was indeed a fast runner. The teacher-in-charge of athletic even wanted me to join that particular co-curriculum activity but I declined the offer.

I am also a person that always goes the extra mile. When I am instructed to do a task, I will never fail to go the extra mile. I will take the initiative to look up for more information about it or do more than what I am required to.

I am also good at Mathematic. I had never failed to be in the top few positions in my primary school classfor that subject. I love solving problem sums that are tough and it gets me thinking for days. I would never give up until I find a method to solve that question. What inspired me to like Mathematic was my result when I was in primary one. I clinched full marks for it.

However, no one is perfect. I had areas that need improvements too. I am not very good at the subjects "Science“ and "History". As history is a new subject to me, I need more time to understand it. And the subject "Science" has become tougher and tougher. In order to improve these two subjects, I have to pay close attention in class. At the same time, I have to take down notes and revise them when I am free. I will also clarify my doubts with my teachers. I can also watch shows about history of other countries so that I will have an easier time in class when the teacher talks about it. I will also read up on the topic beforehand so that when the teacher touches on that chapter, I already have a brief idea of what is going on.

Sometimes, I will also loose my temper when I am unable to complete a task on time or when I am unable to solve a question. To help myself cool down, I would have to take a cold shower and take a few deep breaths. This way, I will be able to complete the task faster and have a higher possibility of me completing it on time. If not, I will not be able to complete it neither would I feel better.

I feel that no one is perfect. But if you improve on your weak areas, they can become your strengths too.

Goal Setting Page

Everyone needs a goal in mind. Believing in your ability to achieve it is important as it motivates you to work towards the successful attainment of your aim. Like everyone else, I have in mind some short term and long term goals. They are getting a timing of below 14.40 minute for my 2.4km run, obtaining straight As in my academic report card by the end of this year, mastering the playing of flute and becoming a psychiatrist respectively.

I want to achieve my first short term goal- getting a timing of less than 14.40 minutes for my 2.4 km run as I want to keep fit. On the other hand, I like to challenge myself. In order to achieve it, I am determine to build up my stamina. I engage myself in frequent jogging activity, either in the morning or evening for a duration of about 15 minutes consistently. In this way, I strongly believe that I will be able to secure an A for my 2.4 km run.

My second short term goal is to obtain straight As by the end of the academic calendar. While obstacles are inevitable, I will persevere till the last minute. I will clarify all my doubts as they arises so as to ensure my continuous progress towards the final year examination. In addition, I will go the extra mile by doing more practices that are readily available in assessment books so that I will be exposed to different kinds of questions.

My third goal is to master the playing of flute by this year. As I am part of the school's Chinese Orchestra team, I will want to do my school proud. During the course of my lessons at Shang Yin Music School, I will put in my best effort to master the skills as quickly as possible. I will also practise it at home on a timely basis to ensure that skills learnt are honed.

Lastly, my long term goal is to become a psychiatrist by 2025 as there are lots of children who are under stress at a very young age. I want to help them to overcome it. In order to achieve my goal, I can be a volunteer during the school holidays so that I will know the thoughts of children. Since I am a teenage now, I will be able to understand how they feel better.I will put in my best effort to achieve these goals. I believe that I am able to do so as long as I work hard.

Humanities and Arts Programme

Among all the subjects included in Humanities and Arts, I like Language Arts the most. The slight difference between what we learnt for Language Arts in Primary School and Secondary School is that in Primary School, they focus more on comprehension and composition. However, in Secondary School, it also includes poetry and so on. Initially, I thought English in Secondary School will be very tough as I did not do well for my comprehension and composition. But under the teacher-Miss Hickey, my comprehension improved tremendously. At first, I had a hard time trying to understand what the teacher is trying to say as she is an American. So, she had a very strong ascent. However, as time goes by, I had an easier time talking to her. As for Chinese, the standard in Dunman High is much higher than I expected it to be. I remembered that there was once, when my Chinese teacher goes through the answers for the comprehension with us, I realize that the answers are those that I cannot predict! I could not even think of such answers! So, I volunteered to go for the extra Chinese class given by my teacher. But my result did improve after sometime. Especially, for Common Test 2! I did very well for it. I was overjoyed! History is another subject that gives me headache. It is also a new subject to me. It is not an easy subject for me to understand. I have to apply a lot of concept to answer the questions. However, I was very surprised that I emerged as first in class for Common Test 1! The one that I am weak at is writing source-based essay which is giving explanation, elaboration and conclusion based on the sources given. I always get confused between explanation and elaboration. In addition, I am unable to think of illustrations to support my stand. This is tested in Common Test 2. I did not do as well as Common Test well. So, I will continue to work hard. As for Geography, I am weak at it too. There are too many things to remember! So, I could only revise my notes again after the teacher taught us. And just before Common Test, my friend caught chicken pox so he did not go for lessons. As he went for make-up lesson for Geography, he pulled me along so I had another good opportunity to listen and revise my work again. In the end, I did pretty well for both the common tests! I was surprised too. Even though I did quite well for almost all the subjects, I still need to work hard to maintain my results.

Mathematics and Science Programme

To me, Mathematic has not changed much from Primary School to Secondary School. The only slight difference is that there is more problem sums for you to solve in primary school. Mathematic is neither an easy nor tough subject. It depends on how much effort you put in and how much you understand the concepts of each topic. For Mathematic, constant revision is every essential for both Primary School and Secondary School. Without doing so, we will forget all the concepts and rules of it very easily. However, we cannot afford to forget them as they are the foundations of other topics. Once the foundations are not build firm enough, it will be harder for us to know what is going on for the rest of the topics. The constant pop quizzes given by my teachers allow me to keep up with my revision. However, I remembered that there was once, I did not really revise on a specific topic and pop quiz was given. So, in the end, I failed. That really jerked me up as that was the first time that I ever failed a Mathematic Paper! I was really shocked by my result, indicated in red. Crosses were drawn everywhere! I was in a daze when I get back my result as my Mathematic was one of my best subjects in my Primary School. I never failed to be in the top 3 positions for both common tests and examinations. I was very strong at it and I believed strongly that revision is indeed very important. So, after that horrifying incident, I went back to my constant revision again. As the whole class did not do well for that paper, another pop quiz was given. I remembered vividly that I scored pretty well for it! I felt a sense of achievement when I received my result for Common Test 1. I was second in class! I felt a sense of pride. My effort finally paid off! Now, my Math teacher had changed as Mrs. Tay went on maternity leave. Initially, I had quite a hard time trying to adapt myself to the way the new teacher- Mrs. Tan teaches as she speaks very fast! Fortunately, she is a very experienced teacher and her explanation is very clear. In addition, she would never hesitate to stop and answer our questions even when she is teaching. So, I adapt to it gradually. However, my result dropped in Common Test 2. But I am sure the problem does not lie with the teacher. I promise to give it my best shot and work even harder for the second half of the year.

As for Science, I feel that it is a subject that requires a lot of understanding and memorizing. Without these, we will not be able to do well for it as Science requires a lot of application. I remembered that there was once; I did not memories some concepts for compound and elements. So, in the end, when the pop quiz start, my mind was blank. I totally had no idea how to do the questions! So, we have to learn the concepts by heart. Key words are also very important. Even if your answer is correct by the key word is not in your answer, marks will be deducted. When we memorize all the concepts, understanding is also needed. If we memorize it without knowing what it is about, we will not be able to do the question which has a slight twist in it. I realize that there is a difference between “Science” in Primary School and Secondary School. In Primary School, we just have to apply what we know. However, in Secondary School, calculations are also needed. Even if you did it correctly but there are calculation errors, no marks will be given so Mathematics is really important. I remembered that at the start of school, I had totally no idea of what is going on or what the teacher is talking about. Most of the time, I will just read through the textbooks again and figure out what it is all about. However, this method is inefficient as I will learn slower and I will not be aware even if I misunderstood the concepts. So, my result was not very good. Thus, I change my way of learning by trying to clarify my doubts in class as they arises. This way, I will learn faster. Till now, my result is consistent but not very well. So, I am sure more revision is needed. Last minute revision will never help for me. One of the strategies to do well for Science in Primary School is to use mind map or concept mind. So, I am going to try out this method too.

Bicultural Studies

I did not have bicultural studies when I was in Primary School. To me, it is not a very interesting subject which could catch my attention very easily as it talks about the history of china, how words came about, and the culture of Chinese and so on. As I do not like to study history of a country, I am not very engrossed in that subject. As compared to the subject “history”, history is much better as it does not talk purely about the past of a country. It involves some other things. However, I still try my very best to pay attention in class as gaining more knowledge has no harm. In addition, I have to give my attention to the teacher as I have to respect him.

From this lesson, I learnt how to watch Chinese opera as I never knew what was going on before this lesson. All the actions were modified from our usual actions in daily lives and the time for each task they do depend on what it is. For example, in real life, we take a very long time to walk from a place to another place. However, in Chinese opera, it only takes them a few seconds. Where the place is on the stage also depend on our imagination. So, we have to follow very closely to what the story is about as we will not know what is going on if we miss one part. And the number of steps the actor takes when he/she goes up the stairs have to be the same as the number of steps he/she comes down as their actions have to be as close as the actions in our daily lives. The sequence is also very important as the sequence of the actions is jumbled up, the story will not make sense. So, this is very important. This relates back to our daily lives. I learnt that how we plan our things is very essential as things will go the wrong way if we do not plan it well, just like what will happen in the opera.

During lessons, the teacher will also show us some props use in the opera which helps the audience to understand the story better. The teacher also taught us the use of each prop. For example, there is the shirt being worn by them which has an extra white cloth attached to the sleeve of the shirt. It is used to wipe the “tears” of the actors when they “cry”. Also, all their actions are very exaggerating so that they could catch the audience’s attention. Once again, I will still work hard for this subject as I am sure that it has a purpose for us to learn it.


I am in the school Chinese orchestra team and I play the flute. I go to Shangyin Music School every Saturday to have my lessons. I had never played a flute before neither do I have music background. So, it is quite tough for me. Initially, I had a hard time and feel that I am stopping my friend who is having the same lesson as me from learning at a faster pace as she has learnt flute before and could play it far better than me. The high notes are very hard to play too. So, I work very hard and put in my best effort to catch up with my friend. The notes are very confusing too. And sometimes, I will be confused and had no idea how a note should be played by pressing the number of notes. No matter how hard I try, I am unable to do it. So, the song will not sound as fluent as it should be. To prove that I am able to do it, I really put in effort. Now, I am able to play a song fluently. I remembered that on one of the Fridays of the school holiday, we went back to school to practice. And there was a guy who was very good at it. He is in grade 7 and I really envy him. The song that he plays is really tough and fast yet he is still able to finish the song without making any mistakes. I am going to make sure that I am able to do that too as soon as possible. I really want to help the school to maintain the excellent result. If one person in the team played the wrong note during competition, it will affect the result. I do not wish that to happen. In addition, my father loves to listen to the sound of the flute, especially those who can play for a very long time without catching their breaths halfway. So, I am going to make sure that I can do that too. I want to play it for my father and maintain the good results of the school Chinese orchestra. In order to master it in the shortest period of time, I will work hard. And eventually, my hard work will pay off. I am sure of that.

Self-Development Page

Other than my attending my cca and studies, I have group tuition. However, it is not like the normal, ordinary tuition whereby you sit in class and have lessons as my teacher believes that learning with our own experience is much better than staying in class to have lessons. So, we went to Asian Civilization Museum to explore the place and learn about the history of different places. Although I am not very keen in history, this experience was great.
There were lots of artifacts dug up from the past, how the religion of the country came about, what each food symbolizes and so on. Above are some pictures that I collected during this trip. From this trip, I realize that the Chinese are very superstitious people as they believe in spirits. In addition, to them, many things and animals represents different things. For example, a pine represents longevity, bamboo humility and prunus perseverance and evergreen plants are respected for their immutability and strength. The Chinese also invented the techniques of silk rearing and silk reeling, and China has dominated the world skill market for more than 2 thousand years. In addition, I found out that Buddhism was originated in India! I had also learnt many more things. However, the one that allow me to have a very vivid memory is that the Chinese is very loyal to their ancestors. Descendants built ancestral halls to house tablets of their ancestors. Before the Song period, commoners were forbid to construct such halls but this did not deter the common Chinese people from worshipping their ancestors. Instead, they created ancestral charts.